How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

September 2017

Downloading files from the Internet using uTorrent is really easy. However, a bad configuration may have a negative impact on your download speeds, even when there are a lot of seeds available. Here are a couple of tips to boost your downloads with uTorrent.

How To Make uTorrent Faster

Open uTorrent, click on the Options tab, and then select Preferences. Next, go to Connection > Listening Port, and clear the field next to Port used for incoming connections. Type in 45682.

Make sure that the Enable UPnP port mapping, Enable NAT-PMP port mapping, and Add Windows Firewall exception checkboxes are ticked. Next, move to the Proxy Server section, click on the drop menu next to Type, and select the option that reads None:

Continue to the Bandwidth menu in your Preferences column and set the following values:

- 1750 for Maximum upload rate (KB/s) [0: unlimited]. Set to 1024 if you internet connection speed is less than 10 Mb.
- 1890 for Maximum download rate (KB/s) [0: unlimited].
- 200 for the Global maximum number of connections.
- 2339 for Maximum number of connected peers per torrent.
- 14 for Number of uploads per torrent.

You should then make sure that the Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90 % checkbox is ticked:

Continue to the BitTorrent menu, and tick all the checkboxes except for Limit local peer bandwidth. Move on to the Protocol Encryption tab, and select Enabled. Next, tick the Allow legacy incoming connections checkbox:

Finally, move on to the Queue menu, and set the following values:

- 60 for Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download).
- 93 for Maximum number of active downloads.
- 150 for Minimum ratio (%):

To finish, click Apply and OK. Restart uTorrent to apply your new settings.


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