How To Mute Feedback Notifications in Windows 10

March 2018

Sometimes after installing a new app or enabling a new feature in Windows 10, you will be prompted to submit your feedback. Feedback notifications are managed by a built-in app known as Windows Feedback, and this guide will teach you how to customize your feedback notifications settings in Windows 10.

How To Set Your Default Windows Feedback Notifications Settings

Choose How Often You’d Like Windows 10 to Display Feedback Notifications

Click on Start > Settings and go to Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics > Feedback frequency. Click on the Windows should ask for my feedback drop down list and make your selection:
N.B. Select Never to mute feedback notifications.

Prevent Windows Feedback from Displaying Notifications Banners and Popups

Click on Start > Settings. Go to System > Notifications & Actions > Show notifications from these apps and then toggle the Windows Feedback switch to the Off position:

How To Submit Your Feedback Manually (Report Bugs or Make Recommendations)

Type Windows Feedback in the Search box and then press Enter to open the Feedback app. Choose a category and click on Add New Feedback:
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