Automatically access your .ISO files from a USB key

December 2016

This nice tip from kics8la may be very useful, for persons using netbooks or a PC not equipped with a DVD/CD drive.

Well will make use of IsoEmu: A bootloader that will alloe you to boot an iso located on a fat32 or ntfs partition, from standard windows bootloader, grub or even MS-Dos.

Step 1: Preparing the USB key

  • This step is not necessary if your USB key is already bootable (bootable flag on the partition).

Step 2: Convert to NTFS

  • Under windows, open a console(Start/run/cmd) and type:
  • Code:

convert <the drive letter corresponding to your USB> /fs:ntfs 
  • Take, for example: convert f: /fs:ntfs
  • This step is only necessary if you want to use ISO having a size greater that 2GB.

Step 3: Configure the bootloader

Extract this package to the root of your key.

Step 4: Copy your ISO file

  • Copy any ISO to the root of your key, and rename it as "boot.iso"
  • From now your USB key will be able to boot any ISO, and if you want to change it later, simply just changed the file "boot.iso" to the root.

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