Back Up WhatsApp Messages

October 2017

Android users have the ability to backup their WhatsApp messages and shared media to Google Drive, the cloud storage and file sharing service associated with their Google accounts. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Google Drive backups in WhatsApp.

Back Up WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive


Only two prerequisites are necessary to take advantage of the WhatsApp Google Drive backup: a Google account and Android 2.3.4 or higher.

Enable Google Drive Backup

Open WhatsApp Messenger, tap on the Ellipsis menu and then go to Settings > Chat and Calls:

Go to Chat Settings > Chat Backup:

Go to Google Drive Settings and then tap on Back up to Google Drive:

Select the Only when I tap "Backup" option to switch the manual backup mode. If you would like WhatsApp to perform automatic/scheduled backups instead, choose between the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options:

Sign in with your Google account and follow the onscreen instructions to connect WhatsApp to your cloud storage space.

Configure Your Backup Settings

Once everything has been set up, you can configure your default backup settings.

Tap on the green Back Up button to perform a manual backup.

Tap on (1) Account to set up another backup location (using a different Google Account).

Tap on (2) Back up over and choose whether you want to use WiFi only or WiFi or Cellular.

Tick the (3) Include videos checkbox to backup your shared videos (photos and other media are already included):


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