No Sound From Laptop Headphone Jack

September 2017

One audio issue commonly experienced with Windows laptop users is a discord between a computer's audio (headphone) jack and its sound system. This issue can be due to one of several factors, including missing drivers, a broken audio jack, or — very simply — a change in your system's sound settings.

This tutorial will explain how to do some basic system checks to make sure your computer's sound is in order and walk you through how to identify any missing drivers needed for sound to reach your headphones.

How To Fix Laptop Audio Jack

Before beginning, make sure that your sound issues are not a matter of faulty or broken headphones. Try using another pair to see if it fixes your problem.

If your headphones aren't the issue, the first thing to do is to take a look at your approved audio devices to see if your headphones are being rejected by your system. Head to your Control Panel, and click Hardware and Sound > Sound. Then click Manage Audio Devices.

If the headphones icon is shown, simply set the option as your default sound option. If the icon is missing, it may be a sign that your computer is missing drivers or that your headphones are out of order.

If it's simply an issue of missing drivers, you can try to rectify this by updating your operating system. This will help identify any missing drivers that need installation.


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