Counterstrike - LAN server issue

December 2016

In intense and spectacular real time strategy video games like Counterstrike multiple players playing in LAN; at times though, as the video game initialises, a message shows up: "LAN servers are restricted to local clients". Proceed from the developer console. You can opt to write a code to open a remote LAN party or go to Counterstrike program files and open the executable file "CSSCSstrikeCFGautoexec" in text format. In the text file of the Windows Operating System editor add bind "a" key to "toggleconsole"; read for the remaining instructions.

[Counterstrike] - LAN server issue


How to play a remote private LAN party, without getting this message: "LAN servers are restricted to local clients"?

Solution Using the developer console

  • C:Program FilesCSSCSstrikeCFGautoexec
  • Open this file (txt format) and add the following line
  • bind "n" key to "toggleconsole" (n can be any letter you choose)

You can now open the console during the game by pressing the n key.
  • Once the game has started, open the console and type :sv_lan 0
  • Press Enter and the issue shall be solved.

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