Linksys WRT54gs router - no wireless connection

September 2017


I have a new Linksys WRT54gs router and a new Dell laptop.
The router works well with the cable attached but when I go to wireless,I get a strong signal but unable to get on the internet with WEP security.
With security disabled the wireless works fine. But will not connect to the internet with WEP security on. I tried to use the CD install disk that comes with the router but ir does not help.


  • Just go to this link
  • Select the model no.of your router and you will get step by step help to setup your router.

Note that you can also call for further information.

What to do, if it is a new router

If this is a new router then connect it to your system through ethernet cable,open internet explorer and type at the address bar it will prompt for a password.
  • Leave the user tab blank and type admin in the password tab.
  • Linksys setup page should open.
  • Now click on the WIRELESS TAB and on the basic wireless settings change the defale SSID NAME to a name of your choice and also click on reset security and click on save settings.
  • Reload the page and now go to wireless security tab and select WEP in the security tab.
  • Now type a 10-character password in the KEY 1 field
  • Click on SAVE SETTINGS and that's it.
  • Now when you connect to your network you will have to enter your 10 char password on your DELL LAPTOP and it should work fine now.
  • Call tech support or go to the above link for further assistance.


Thanks to: Shashank singh for this tip.


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