How To Optimize the Xbox One for Online Gaming

December 2016

The Xbox One features a couple of built-in tools to troubleshoot common errors that one may experience when playing online games on Xbox Live. This guide will introduce you to these tools and hopefully help you identify the causes behind network problems (lags, slowdowns, and random disconnects).

How To Test Your Internet Connection on the Xbox One

First, you need to check if your internet connection speeds meet the minimum requirements for online gaming. Go to Settings > All Settings > Network > Network Settings > Troubleshooting and then select Detailed Network Statistics to view your current internet connection speeds.

The minimum speed requirements for online gaming on the Xbox Live are:

Download Speed3 Mb/s
Upload speed0.5 Mb/s
PingLess than 150 milliseconds

If your internet connection speeds match or exceed the minimum requirements but you are still experiencing issues with online games, proceed to the next step.

How To Test Multiplayer Connection on the Xbox One

Head back to the TROUBLESHOOTING section and select Test multiplayer connection. Your console will run a thorough test on all the components that may affect your online gaming experience on the Xbox Live.

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