Automatic Translation on Facebook

October 2017

When you receive a post written in a language other than the one(s) defined in your profile settings, Facebook will often offer a translation of the post. This guide will walk you through the different steps involved in disabling automatic post translation on Facebook.

How To Turn Off the Automatic Text Translation on Facebook

Sign in to Facebook and browse your news feed for a post written in a foreign language. If the post has already been translated, a link that reads “Automatically Translated” will be displayed at the bottom.

Click on the Automatically Translated link to unveil the translation settings for the selected post. You can choose between Never translate language and Disable automatic translation for language:

- Never translate language: Facebook won’t offer to translate posts written in the selected language.
- Disable automatic translation for language: Facebook won’t translate posts written in the selected language, but it will still offer to translate the posts.

How To Define Your Preferred Languages on Facebook

If you can read other languages and would like to prevent Facebook from translating them, you can add them to your Which languages do you understand? list in your profile settings.

Go to Settings > Languages > News Feed Translation Preferences and click on the Edit button displayed next to Which languages do you understand?:

Register the desired language(s) and click on Save Changes:


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