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LAN - Finding another computer's name using an IP address

February 2016

LAN, a local area network provides networking capability to a group of computers allowing data sharing such as files, games, printers and other applications. This network is built with hardware like Ethernet, adapters, hubs and cables. It transfers data at higher rates. An IP address is an internet protocol address required to share information between PCs. If you know the IP address or hostname of another computer, you can check the folder and file shared on that computer directly. To know the name of another computer, you need to enter specific commands. It is not necessary to know an IP address to find other systems if you have a Wi-Fi LAN connection.


I need to find the name of a PC connected to the LAN network (joined to the domain).
I have the IP address of the terminal, but how do I find the computer's name?


To get another machine's identity on the LAN network:
  • Open Command (Start > Run > CMD)
  • Type:


(IP Address)

Please note that NSLOOKUP uses DNS and PING will try WINS and DNS

Thanks to rtr1900 for this tip on the forum.
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