User Profiles in Firefox

September 2016

Firefox gives you the ability to create and manage multiple user profiles, which comes in handy when sharing the web browser with other users. Each user profile can be used to store user-specific data and settings (bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, preferences…). This guide will introduce you to the basics for creating user profiles in Firefox.

How To Create and Manage User Profiles in Firefox

User profile management is facilitated through the use of a built-in feature known as the Profile Manager.

How To Open the Profile Manager

The first step is to close the Firefox web browser. Once done, right-click on the Start menu > Run. Type the
firefox.exe -p
command and press Enter to validate:

A window titled Choose User Profile will appear. There, you will find all the options for managing (create, edit, or delete) user profiles in Firefox:

How To Create a New Profile

Creating a new user profile is as easy as clicking on the Create Profile button and choosing a profile name:

Click on Finish to finalize the creation of the new user profile. Repeat the operation to add new user profiles to the list:

Display the Profile Manager at Startup

If you would like Firefox to start up with the Profile Manager instead of loading a default user profile, you simply have to clear the Use the selected profile without asking at startup checkbox:

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