Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10's Command Prompt

September 2016

Windows 10 brings forth a couple of new features to help you copy text (command output) from Command Prompt windows. This guide will teach you how to unlock and use these new features in the Command Prompt.

Advanced Text Selection in Windows 10's Command Prompt

Right-click on Start > Run to open the Run command. Type
and press the Enter key to open to Command Prompt. Once done, right-click on the Command Prompt’s title bar and select Properties:

The Command Prompt Properties window shall open. Go to the Options tab and clear the Use legacy console checkbox to unlock the new controls:

Here’s an overview of the new features available:

- Enable Ctrl key shortcuts: Allow the use of the [Ctrl] + [A], [Ctrl] + [C], and [Ctrl] + [V] keyboard shortcuts to rapidly select, copy, and paste content from the Command Prompt.
- Filter clipboard contents on paste: Automatically remove the tabs and smart quotes when pasting command output into a text editor.
- Enable line wrapping on selection: Make the Command Prompt behave like a regular text editor (facilitate text selection).
- Extended text selection keys: Allow the use of the other text selection shortcut keys, such as [Shift] + Cursor keys ([Up], [Down], [Left], and [Right]). Click on Text Selection to discover the full list of shortcut keys for Windows 10’s Command Prompt.

Tick the checkboxes next to the options you want to use and click on OK. Restart the Command Prompt to apply the new settings.

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