USB Not Recognized in Windows 10

September 2017

Sometimes when you connect a USB device to your computer, you are met with an error message that reads, “USB Not Recognized.” This guide will teach you how to troubleshoot and fix common USB errors in Windows 10.

How To Troubleshoot USB Errors in Windows 10

Press [Windows key] + [R] to open the Run command. Type
and click on OK to open the Device Manager. Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controller section, right-click on the faulty USB device (marked with a yellow exclamation mark) and select Properties. Go to General > Device Status to get detailed information about the causes of the error message.

How To Update Your USB Drivers in Windows 10

Most of the USB errors can be resolved through the update of USB drivers on your computer. Head back to the Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controller. Right-click on Generic USB Hub > Update driver software > Browse my computer for driver software:

Click on Browse my computer for a driver software:

Select the Generic USB Hub and click on Next:

Windows 10 will then proceed to reinstall/update the USB drivers:

Click on Close when done:

Repeat the operation for the remaining USB hubs and try to connect the faulty device again.

N.B. If the problem still persists, retrieve the error code from the Device Manager, and click here to create a new thread on CCM’s Hardware forum.


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