How To Use WeTransfer

February 2018

WeTransfer is an online service that allows you to send up to 2 GB of data to any number of recipients for free. The platform's simple interface makes sharing files with colleagues and friends very easy. The service even gives recipients a two-week window to access and download the files.

WeTransfer's Service

Using WeTransfer is very simple. To get started, go to the site, select the file(s) you'd like to send, enter the e-mail address(es) of your recipient(s), and click Transfer.

Upon sending, your recipients will receive an email notification from WeTransfer, notifying them that they will have two weeks to download the content you have sent to them.

It's a fast and effective way to send large files for free.

How To Send a WeTransfer File

Head to WeTransfer. Upon reaching the homepage, you will be prompted to accept the terms of use and the WeTransfer cookie policy. Click on I agree to proceed:

The next step is to search for the files you'd like to send. Click on Add files and search for your files. Once you've found them, click on Open to add them to your WeTransfer:

You can add more files to your email by clicking on the Add more files option. WeTransfer will automatically keep track of how much more data you have available to send:

Now enter in your recipients by clicking on Email to Friend. If you'd like to receive the download link as well, you can also enter in your email address in the Email to Friend field:

Now fill in your email address in the Your email field. This will allow your recipients to see who the sender is when they receive your transfer. If you'd like to add a personal message to your recipients, you can write a short message in the Message field.

Once all of the fields are filled out, click on the Transfer button. Wait for the operation to finish before exiting your page:

Opening a WeTransfer File

Once your file has been sent via the website, your correspondent will receive a message from WeTransfer indicating that you have sent a file.

Once opened, your recipient will find an email with a download link to the uploaded file:

Clicking on the link will send the user to the WeTransfer site where they will see a Download button. Simply click on the link, and the files will begin to download:

Image: © WeTransfer.


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