Tab Groups in Firefox

September 2016

As of Mozilla Firefox version 45, the Tab Groups feature will no longer be available. While this may come as bad news to users who have grown fond of the feature, Mozilla is assuring fans that disabling this tabs feature will allow them to bring further improvements to the browser.

In the meantime, the internet browser has introduced some alternate solutions in the form of extensions. This article will introduce you to some of your new options for organizing and managing your Firefox tabs.

Tab Groups Add-on

The Tab Groups add-on is an almost perfect replacement for the Panorama feature. Tab Groups works similarly to the function that was once integrated into the browser and allows you to import the Tab Groups you had saved in previous versions of the web browser.

To install the Tab Groups add-on, simply head to the add-ons page, and download the extension.

Next, open the tab groups view using the keyboard shortcut [CTRL] + [Shift] + E.

Click the gear icon found in the top-right corner to open the options page.

In the left-hand menu, click Backup/Restore. Then click the
Load Migration Backup

Finally, click
Import selected items into this window
. Your Group Tabs will be imported into Firefox 45.

Firefox Tab Add-Ons

If you're looking for ways to further manage your tabs in Firefox, we also recommend checking out Simplified Tab Groups. This add-on has the same approach as Tab Groups but uses a slightly different interface.

A full list of Firefox add-ons can be found on the browser's Add-Ons page.

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