Excel - Count rows where 2 conditions are true

December 2016


I am having problems counting the # rows of problem reports where the priority = 1 and the PR is active.
here is the array:
1 2 Y   
2 1   
3 2 Y   
4 1   
5 1 Y   
6 2   
7 1 Y 
  • I simply want to show that there are 2 problem reports active that are priority = 1.
  • I have tried many things, including:
  • This is simplified but the principle is the same. Please advise


Try with this formula (Column A containing PRIORITY, Column B containing ACTIVE):
  • =SUMPRODUCT((A1:A7=1)*(B1:B7="Y")) 

Note that

Thanks to aquarelle for this tip on the forum

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