How To Take a Screenshot on Android

December 2017

It may seem like it would be tricky to take a screenshot on an Android mobile device, but it actually isn't! The key is knowing exactly which keys you need to use to do so on your specific device. This tutorial will explain how to do so on several popular mobile devices.

Taking a Screenshot on All Android Devices

In order to take a screenshot, most Android devices have a standard method. Simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons. You will hear a camera shutter sound that indicates that the screenshot has been saved.

Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are using a Galaxy S5, there's an additional method. Head to Settings, select Motions and gestures, select Capture screen, and enable the Capture screen feature.

You will now be able to take screenshots by swiping your finger over the screen from one side to the other. The screenshots are automatically saved in the Screenshots folder of your photo album.

Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Note

If you're using a Note, press the S-Pen stylus button, and a small circular menu will be displayed on your screen. Tap Screen write to take a screenshot of your current screen:

Take a Screenshot on Nexus

If you are using a Nexus 7 and 9, simultaneously press the ON/OFF and volume buttons to take a screenshot.

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