PlayStation 3 - Error codes

September 2017

PlayStation 3 - Error codes

Here is a list of the most common error codes for the PS3:
  • 710,102 DNS error, the DNS server is no longer valid
  • 8013030 System Error - Update Failed
  • 80010001 Unable to read game (disc damage)
  • 80010014 Download failure (buying a game on PSN)
  • 80010017 Blu-ray game unreadable
  • 80010036 Error while deleting files
  • 80010510 Unable to launch game (stored on HDD)
  • 80010514 Hard drive error, restart the PS3
  • 80010516 Read error from PS1 game, eject the game and try again
  • 80023017 Playstation store is down for maintenance
  • 80029024 Unable to acquire IP
  • 80029513 violation of the copyright law (running an illegal copy of the a game)
  • 80029564 unable to install (downloaded) software
  • 80029945 Unable to read Blu-ray movie
  • 80030920 Corrupted file or folder
  • 80031150 System error (reset device to default settings)
  • 80031601 error while creating an account
  • 80130203 PS3 can connect to the internet but not the PSN. Open the following ports:
    • TCP 80,443,5223
    • UDP 3478,3479,3658
  • 80410418 DNS error
  • 80710016 Playstation Network unavailable
  • 80710092 Disconnected from Playstation Network/loss of connectivity
  • 8001000B Wi-Fi key error
  • 80710101 Connection error
  • 80710541 Connection time-out
  • 80710723 Error (ports not open)
  • 81019002 unable to copy backup file
  • 8001050D Unable to launch games
  • 80022A07 Error loading trophies
  • 80028EA5 Unable to connect to the PSN
  • 80028EA6 Connection error, restart the PS3 and the Wi-Fi router
  • 80028F10 Display error, set to automatic settings
  • 80028F17 Unable to read PS2 game /restart PS3
  • 80028F18 Unable to read PS2 game /disc unreadable
  • 80029C68 Corrupted data (file stored on an external support)
  • 8002A10D Unable to invite a friend
  • 8002A4A6 Unable to play game online
  • 8002A515 Connection error
  • 8002A548 Wi-Fi connection unstable
  • 8002A705 Connection to server impossible (test ports)
  • 8002A71A NAT error
  • 8002AD23 Connection Error
  • 8002AE21 Demo/file is corrupted
  • 8002B241 DVI audio connection error
  • 8002f147 firmware update impossible, disable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and Proxy server, reactivate them after update
  • 8002F994 Update error (PSN)
  • 8002F997 Unable to install update (from external support)
  • 8003051E Partial backup error
  • 8013013D Connection error, the wifi signal too low
  • 8013013E WEP key error
  • 8013030F SSID Error
  • 807101FF DNS error
  • 8071053D Connection to the Playstation Network impossible
  • 80710B23 Playstation Network is unavailable
  • 80710D23 Turn off the PS3 for 30 minutes

This is a non-exhaustive list of the most common errors encountered when using a PS3.

For a complete guide (updated regularly) please visit this site: link


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