Excel - A macro to change the color of row on condition

December 2016


I have a problem regarding Macro of excel 2007. Suppose I have a Excel tab(xyz) which have some column(name, add, Date). I want to create a macro which will mark total row as RED if the date is today.


Look at conditional formatting.
  • Highlight the cells that you wish to be red when the date in the cell in question is today's date.
  • Click on conditional formatting/new rules
  • Select 'use a formula to determine which cells to format'
  • Click on the little spreadsheet icon.
  • Click on the cell with the date that you need to use.
  • Put the following formula in the field after the cell reference - in my case


So, the field should look like this =$C$3 = today()
  • Click on the spreadsheet icon again.
  • Click on the format button bottom right.
  • Select the format you wish to appear in the row/cells when the date is today.
  • Click on ok, then apply.

Now, test the results by putting today's date in the cell that will have the trigger date in.

Thanks to sharpman for this tip on the forum.

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