Excel - A macro to unlock a password-protected sheet

November 2016

It is possible to create a macro in an Excel sheet that unlock the sheet which is already protected by a password. Users can easily prepare a document in the sheet and then lock it again with a password. Sometimes the password-protected sheet cannot be opened. A specific command or keywords need to be typed in to create a macro in Excel. This can be done through the visual basic editor of Excel. Users can unlock password-protected sheets with a simple syntax. After unlocking, all the official calculations and tasks can easily be performed. This option will help the user to maintain privacy.


I need to create a macro that unlocks a password-protected sheet with a defined password, performs certain tasks and then locks it again with the same password.


The syntax is quite simple:
ActiveSheet.Unprotect ("MyPassWord")       
ActiveSheet.Protect ("MyPassWord")      

For more details, I suggest you type "worksheet.protect" and "worksheet.unprotect" in the help file of visual basic editor.

Also try this syntax:

ActiveSheet.Protect PassWord:="MyPassWord", DrawingObjects:=True,  _        
Contents:=True,  Scenarios:=True, AllowSorting:=True, AllowFiltering:=True,  _        

Note that

Thanks to Ivan-hoe for this tip on the forum.

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