How To Create a World with a Seed in Minecraft

August 2017

Minecraft is a sandbox video game where in order to survive you will have to build structures and objects using blocks composed of different natural elements such as stone, earth, sand, water, trees, etc. In addition to the default world, the video game allows you to generate other worlds in which to interact. For this, you will need seeds.

The Minecraft seeds are codes composed of numbers and letters that you must enter in order to generate new worlds with incredible landscapes and places.

Seeds for Minecraft

To get started building your world, go to the Create New World screen, click More World Options, and select World type. If you have a seed for new worlds, select Infinity. Then, type the seed code in the Seed for the World Generator, select the game mode, and click Create New World.

64951768: This seed will give you a very peculiar spawn, a small island with a stone castle, and at the coordinates x = -400, z = 600 there will be a portal.

4040597748409837035: This seed gives you with a NPC village at x = 130, z = 400 and next to it there is a ravine, but below you will find a zombie spawner with mysterious chest.

1488377244: This seed generates epic mountains around the area at x = -400 and z = -300. A little more distant at x = -1.300, z = -380 there are incredible mountain formations.

Temple: This seed is an epic mountain with a strange arc at x = 80 and z = 90.

5825474964779901595: This seed spawns a nesting NPC village in front of some epic hills and a jungle.

644309466: This seed creates a large island complete with a NPC village, a ravine, woods, and lakes.

cheppa: This seed generates a forest temple very close to spawn in x = -200 and z = 300. A little further at x = -150 and z = 500 there is a huge NPC village, where you'll find some valuable in the blacksmiths chest.

787338382: This is a perfect survival seed with two small islands within a short distance of each other. There is even a large mushroom island not far away.

3008527227836601152: This seed generates a small NPC village opposite an extreme hill at x = -250 and z = 150.

7768551264047168149: This seed generates in an NPC village right next to a desert temple at x = -375 and z = 250. Behind the temple, at x = -460 and z = 265, there is a spider spawn.

6995905040429265278: This seed generates incredible landscapes around the point of generation. There is even a spider dungeon embedded in the side of a mountain at x = 75 and z = -100.

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