Excel VBA - - Msg Box when cell meets criteria

September 2017


Hi this will probably be very simple for someone however i am having a nightmare day, all I want is a VBA formula which will bring up a message box when a cell is showing a specific criteria.

Can anyone help?


This code assumes that what you are looking for is in column A.

Private Sub Find_Criteria() 

Dim i 
Dim r 
r = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row 
i = 1 

For i = i To r 

If Range("A" & i) = "criteria" Then 

MsgBox "Found" & " " & Range("A" & i).Address 

End If 

Next i 

End Sub 

If you are looking for certain criteria in a range of cells, then try something like this. 

Private Sub Find_Criteria() 

Dim i As Variant 
Dim FindRange As Range 
Set FindRange = Range("A1:K50") 

For Each i In FindRange 

If i = "criteria" Then 

MsgBox "Found" & " " & i.Address 

End If 

Next i 

End Sub


Thanks to Helper for this tip on the forum.


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