Keyboard number lock issue

September 2017

Once the number lock is switched it shows up on the status bar. This problem is down to a very small keyboard issue which can be resolved very easily. There are two keys in the keyboard which are used to solve this problem. You need to press the Function and Num lock key together. The Function (Fn) key is placed beside the CTRL key at the lower left side of the keyboard and the Num lock key is positioned beside the F12 key and is the same key as the Scroll key. This process either turns on or turns off the Num lock function. Both the keys viz. are enclosed inside a small rectangle on the keyboard making it easy to visualize on the keyboard.


Number Lock is on and showing on the status bar. How do I unlock and remove from status bar?


To solve this problem:
Press 2 keys at the same time: "FN" (next to the CTRL key, lower-left of the keyboard) and "num lk", which is the upper-right of the keyboard (it is on the same key as "scroll", and is next to "F12").

This will either turn on or turn off the "Num Lock" function. Both the "FN" and "num lk" are enclosed in a small rectangle.

They are easy to see.


Thanks to jjsam4557 for this tip on the forum.


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