How to create database connectivity in

December 2016 provided functionality to connect to databases and access the data using SQL. In order to create database connectivity in, SQL server 2005 or MS Access 2007 can be used for the database. A small program code will be required to create the SQL connection to the database and perform database operations. Some knowledge of programming and SQL is essential to create database connectivity in Namespace System.Data.SqlClient has to be used to make the connection to a database. The SQL connection is created through the SqlConnection API and operations on the database can be done through SqlCommand API.


I'm trying to create database connectivity in with the SQL server 2005 or MS Access 2007?
Can anybody help please?
Thanks in advance.


  • Step 1 : Add Namspace "using System.Data.SqlClient;"
  • Step 2 : Make SQL connection.

Write this code to create an SQL connection:

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Server=You server name or comp name;Database=Yourdatabasename;Trusted_Connectopn=True");   
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("Write your sql query here eg. select * from Table name");  
DataSet ds = new DataSet(cmd,con);   
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter();   


Thanks to dEVELOPER for this tip on the forum.

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