Error - Diskette drive 0 seek failure and Primary hard disk driv

August 2016

Operating systems that are used these days have a built-in system to notify users when there are one or multiple pieces of hardware missing or not connected properly. If there is an error message saying Diskette drive 0 seek failure then the hardware of concern is the floppy drive. Before checking for any connection error it is important to uncheck the floppy drive seek option from the BIOS. The other error message you could get at the same time is: primary hard disk drive 0 not found. This mainly happens if someone inadvertently changed the boot order in BIOS. The original boot order needs to be restored to clear up this issue.


I have an OptiPlex GX 260 Series. I always get a 2 beet at booting and an error message comes up: Diskette drive 0 seek failure and Primary hard disk drive 0 not found.

Please help me!


These are the possible reasons:
  • 1. You have a broken or disconnected floppy drive. You can go to the BIOS setup and un-check "floppy drive seek". That will remove the "Diskette drive 0 seek failure" message. But, this will not fix the floppy drive. You might check the floppy connector to the motherboard and the power connector to the floppy drive. One or both may be disconnected.
  • 2. It sounds like the hard drive is plugged into the second IDE port hence the "Primary hard disk drive 0" message. The BIOS numbers the drives 0 and 1, whereas a human counts them as 1 and 2. You can move the motherboard (MB) connector from one connector to the other on the MB to fix this problem or change the "boot order" in the BIOS.

All in all - it looks like someone pulled the MB connectors out and then randomly reconnected them.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.

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