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CS - Unable to contact master game server

May 2016

For multiplayer options on the Counter Strike video game an internet connection is required. At times, it may be that Counter Strike is unable to contact the master servers in multiplayer game mode.The problem could be related to the internet connection or the game configuration. Check if the internet connection is working properly. If the connection is working and Counter Strike is still unable to contact the master servers, a correct configuration file has to be used.Download the file with the list of online servers that Counter Strike can connect to in order to play the game.


Upon trying to find online servers for CounterStrike, I'm getting the following error message:
  • Could not contact master game server to retrieve server list.   

Solution 1

  • 1. Go to this site
  • 2. Save that file "MasterServers.vdf" where you want
  • 3. After you have saved it, copy and paste to this directory "Counter Strike 1.6/cstrike/platform/config"

Thanks to affent for this tip on the forum.

Solution 2

  • 1.First go to Garena and create an account. Download the client and launch it.
  • 2. Now from Garena interface select CS.
  • 3. Click International-> choose the room of your choice
  • 4. Now click Start button and enter the path to the Counter Strike executable.
    • C:\Program file\Counter strike 1.6\cstrike.exe 
  • 5. Now click on Start game.
  • 6. when CS will start then press the ' key (above the Tab button).
  • 7. Type the following command:
    • slist
  • 8.Computer IP will be displayed.
  • 9. Type the following command:
    • connect <ip address> 
  • 10.The game will start

Thanks to supjana for this tip.

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