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HP Pavilion - Synaptics touchpadV6.3 leftclick not working

February 2016

HP Pavilion - Synaptics touchpadV6.3 leftclick not working


On my HP Pavilion dv6000 with Vista, my Synaptics touch pad V6.3 left click is not working properly. It was fine yesterday but today when I try to use, it will highlight everything or try to drag the link with it. Almost as is it has a mind of its own and someone is holding down the shift key and clicking. I tried a system restore back to yesterday just in case I downloaded an update or accidentally changed the settings but the touch pad still has the problem. I also tried the double tap method on the touch pad itself with only about a 75% success rate. I then went into the control panel and then mouse and changed the settings to a left handed so that I could at least navigate around to find some help. When using the right click as my primary I have not had any problems and I can even use the left click sometimes. Since this left click and after switching the hand method began today, I have also had my laptop "lock" up several times where I was not able to navigate around but I could crt-alt-del and wait a min until I was able to click on task manager. When I was brought back to normal windows desktop and TM opened, I was able to navigate as if nothing had just happened. Can anybody please this a settings issue, a touch pad issue or something entirely different? Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?


Hi, I had the same problem & after a while the solution is easy.
  • Go to your mouse settings in the control panel, you should have a "Device Settings" page <with a synaptics logo on it>
  • Click "Settings" for the "Synaptics TouchPad" and there you have "Clicks"

  • Press the "Enable Clicking".

Hope it helps,


Thanks to libramartin for this tip on the forum.
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