Excel - Return zero in cell that contains a function

December 2016


I need to return zero within a cell when the cell contains a function already:

I have this function already, but cannot paste the function with in cell 1, because this contains 5. I do not want this cell to change unless cell 2 has a number in there.




cell 1 = 5
cell 2 = when a number is imputed within this cell 1-100, i want "cell 1" to change "cell 1" to a zero.

Even if the "cell 1 contains "28", i still want "cell 1" to return zero when cell 2 has a number imputed from 1-150.
Please help!!


See if I got you correct:

A. Cell 1 has a formula IF(OR(L3>1,),0,K3) which at the moment is showing "5"
B. Cell 2 will have a value with in range of 1 to 100
C. If cell 2 has a number between 1 and 100, you want to cell to show 0 and if if cell 2 does not have a number you want to maintain your old formula /value which was IF(OR(L3>1,),0,K3)

If all is correct then:
=IF(AND(a2>=1, A2<=100), 0, IF(OR(L3>1,),0,K3) ) 

In this example
A2 is the cell 2
and the formula is saying that if there is a number between 1 to 100 (including 1 and 100), then show 0 in cell 1. If the value is not between 1 and 100 then show what comes out by formula:


Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the forum.

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