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Accessing safe mode option without the F8 key

May 2016


This articlle will allow you to have access to Windows XP safe mode without making use of F8 key. Safe mode option will be displayed by default at Windows startup.

It is common knowledge that safe mode is the maintenance mode of a computer operating system which helps us find out if the system is facing a problem. More often than not, it is done by using the F8 key. However, this article elaborates how safe mode can be accessed without the help of this key.

Getting started

  • First, right-click on "My computer" and select "Properties".
  • In system properties, click on "Advanced".
  • Select "Settings" in "Start and Recovery".

  • Click on "Edit" to open the boot.ini file.

  • In the open text document ("boot.ini"), locate the following line: "/NoExecute=Optin" and position your cursor at the end of this line. Then press "Enter", and paste in the below text:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Kioskea safe mode"/fastdetect/safeboot:minimal/sos/bootlog
  • It should look like this:

[boot loader]    
[operating systems]    
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP  ...edition" /noexecute=optin    
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Kioskea Safe Mode"/fastdetect/safeboot:minimal/sos/bootlog /fastdetect

  • Click on "File" and "Save" to save this configuration.
  • From now on, every time you start your PC the option to boot in safe mode will be available.

The safe mode is called safe mode because the non-core functionalities are disabled, meaning the operating system has a reduced functionality. This makes it easier to isolate the issues on the system.

For unlimited offline reading, you can download this article for free in PDF format:

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