Excel - Figuring a number based on a percentage increase

December 2016


If I have a number and want a formula to know that it is a percentage of another number, what is the formula in EXCEL?

i.e. if I have a set number, say 14,250 and want to know what that number is as 75% of a 'total' number, how do I write the formula? i.e. I know by doing long hand that 14,250 is 75% of 19,000, but how do I write formula that gives me that number of 19,000 (if I have the set number of 14250 and the 75%)?


This is not a problem in Excel but in arithmetics.


in any empty cell type this formula e.g. B1


you will get 190000 and not 19000 please check .

if you put another formula in B2

your will get 14250 as check.

by the by is it 7.5% or 75%


Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.

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