Excel - Display Formula in Cell

December 2016


  • Cell A4, contains a formula
  • How to display the formula in cell A6 for this formula please ?
  • That is =Sum(A1:B3)+A3/B2
  • I know Control + ~ can view the formula in a spreadsheet.
  • But that is view only. Another control + ~ will turn back to normal.
  • I want to display the formula in cell.


Create a personalized macro function in a new module :
Function DisplayFormula(cel As Range) 
        DisplayFormula = cel.Formula & "" 
End Function

and after use this new function to the column B cells.
For example, if you want to display the A2 formula in B2, you have to write in B2 the following formula :


Thanks to aquarelle for this tip on the forum.

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