CCM - Forum 2.0

August 2016

Forum 2.0: What's New?

According to a survey issued by NetRatings (February 2010), the ratio of internet users accustomed to a regular use of forums is 1:4. Unfortunately forums have not changed for nearly 10 years. The interface consists of a succession of questions and answers, which may span over 20 pages. And sometimes it requires a lot of time, finding out the right answer.

In most cases, when reading a discussion thread, the first five posts are those of the original user. Normally some additional information about the topic and messages designed highlight the original topic in the list, ("up"!), will follow. Then comes the first answers: mostly from Internet users encountering the same problem and point out that: "I too have the same problem" or "Help me", then comes the contributors and others helpers that will provide assistance and allow you to better understand the problem ...

Well...That said, the actual system is quite anarchical. The actual solution may be drowned in over 300 messages (sometimes inappropriate) and you must browse the thread in the hope to find the most relevant messages that will lead, who knows how to solve your problem.

A redesigned interface

Based upon this observation the CCM's forum was re-designed to reduce traffic. By providing a logical sorting of messages: the most relevant messages, having had the most votes, are now placed first, enhanced by a beautiful green background! And the less relevant ones, inaccurate or inappropriate are at the very end.
  • By separating the useful answers, from questions having for sole purpose, a better understanding the problem.
  • By summarizing up the interface (regroup related topics) to make navigation easier.
  • By highlighting the most basic tools, such as the voting system which will now be prior to the new interface and allowing you to find "The Right Answer". We will look forward to provide users with all the ergonomics features available.
  • Encouraging a coherent discussion: indentation system will be more efficient and will always specify "who" is speaking to "who".
  • By allowing you to edit your messages at any given time, thus limiting the use of "ups".

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are messages flashing orange?
  • Why are some messages in yellow?
    • The messages in yellow are yours. This allows better analysis of the discussion thread..
  • What is the purpose of "Permalink"?
    • "Permalink" is a system that allows you to more easily highlight a message and thus generating a link to this particular message.
  • I cannot find the report button?
    • Simply hover your mouse over the message and a "report" link will appear at the top right.
  • How to retrieve messages from a member without going through their profile?
    • Just click on the date when the message was posted, found next to his nickname. E.g: March 17, 2010 at 23:42
  • But where is the list of forums (Topics)?
    • Just click on Forum, and then click on the "List of forums".
  • What about the new "Comment" option?
    • A comment allows a member helping a person to comment on a message, in order to ask a question or to give a personal opinion about the topic: without being compulsorily a solution. Comments may be used to answer a particular message.


Thanks to Jeff (Webmaster) Dam75 (PHP Dev), meudah (CSS / HTML) and Julien (Graphics) and as all the contributors for their criticisms and feedback that helped improving the forum.

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