Blackberry 8520 - unable to connect to Wi-Fi

August 2016

One of the smartest improvements in mobile telephony is the Blackberry. A Blackberry 8520 is a Smartphone, which has additional features in comparison to a standard cell phone. This telephony technology has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This will provide you with an access to the internet. You can browse online, check emails and favorite websites. As the Blackberry 8520 uses advanced hardware models, many of its users find it difficult to connect to the Wi-Fi network. You will have to do some trouble shooting if this is your case. Check your modem manually and if it has a MAC authentication, enter the 12-digit MAC address from your Blackberry and get connected to the Wi-Fi.


I actually have a UTStarcom adsl 2+ router(modem) which basically has a Wi-Fi network which can be connected to a wireless network. When I am searching on my Blackberry the UTStarcom is showing as open. When I am trying to connect it is showing a message saying it "cannot get IP". I tried a different thing on my Blackberry. I opted for a manual connection instead of automatic....then in my system, which basically runs on Windows XP service pack 3, I created a profile with wireless network and inserted a WEP key for about 5 characters ...despite all this, it was sometimes coming as not able to connect, or cannot retrieve IP.


If your modem/router had no encryption and you still can't get an IP on your Blackberry just make sure:
  • The DHCP server is ON (check your modem manual)
  • If you create a 'profile' on your XP once you connect to that profile even if you get to the point of getting an IP on your phone you won't get an internet connection (so forget about connecting through your computer, it's a lot easier connecting directly through the router); if the modem has the DHCP server ON and you still can't get an IP address check if the modem has any kind of MAC authentication, if it does just enter the 12 digit MAC address from your BB on the MAC filtering table and enjoy.


Thanks to mafter for this tip on the forum.

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