Error 52030 - Router and Wii

March 2017


I tried to connect my Wii to my router but every connection test it shows me:
"Error Code 52030:. Unable to connect to the Internet. Please refer to the Wii manual for details. For assistance, visit "
Yet it detects my network, I enter the WEP key without any problem, activate the wi-fi on my livebox to allow access but impossible. My wi-fi works since my laptop is wi-fi, while my desktop computer is plugged into ethernet. Thank you for your answers, because there I confess I do not know what to do (though I poking around on the net but without convincing results.


I had the same problem and I solved it.
That's how I did (I found the solution in another forum:
  • 1) When you get this error code 52030 go to menu and then select '" Change "
  • 2) You're on the right page in the "Obtain IP address automatically" and select "No"
  • 3) Below click Advanced and fill:
    • IP Address:
    • mask sub-networks:
    • -Gateway:
  • 4) Validate and go to the right: "No", "Advanced Settings" and you fill:
    • Primary DNS:
    • DNS Secondary: 0.0 .0.0 (Attention different
  • 5) Validate, you're on the right page and fill in:

  • 6) Validate, save, press the pairing button of the router (if any) and start the connection test.


Thanks to adr for this tip.


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