Excel - Input data in a range of cells

March 2017


If i want to highlight a row of cells in red to show a
lead is dead say A1 to E1, buy inputting "lose" in E1.

I now have the formula =$A$1="lose" which is great thank you.
  • But I now want the rest of the spread sheet to do the same up to line number 1000, if I try to copy and paste special it doesn't carry over the conditional formatting over.
  • Do I need to input every single line in manually or is there a formula to do this please. Thank you for your help so far.

So I need A2 to E and then from A3 to E

Etc to 1000 each line independent of the last, I hope that makes sense.


Select columns A:E and in conditional format type:

and close color red

You can also select A1:E1 drag it down till row 1000 and when you release a small square appears, click the square and you will get 4 options. Choose the third from the top, something like 'Apply format only'.


Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the forum.


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