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A Picture as background for flash drive folders

February 2016

Ever wondered how to go about putting a photo from the gallery as the wallpaper for all flash or USB drive folders? Well, it's simple. You need to use different methods depending on whether you have a Vista operating system (OS) of Windows or XP OS. In the case of the former, place a picture with an extension of .jpg in the flash drive's root system and type code into the desktop file, before saving it with an extension of 'ini'. In the case of an XP version of Windows, the user should write the code and save it under the name 'desktop.ini', before refreshing the USB drive.

A Picture as background for flash drive folders


I was just wondering how to put a picture as the background of my flash drive folders?


Procedure for Windows Vista and 7

First of all, put the iamge file (eg. test.jpg) in the root of the Flash drive. Then create a text file there and rename it desktop.ini to the root of the flash drive. Make sure it's not a .txt file.

Then open the desktop.ini file in notepad and enter the following content:



Procedure for Windows XP

Step 1: Copy the code below into notepad and then save it as "desktop.ini". Save it in your flash drive along with your picture.


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Step 2: Refresh your flash drive.

Thanks to maryland for this tip.
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