Enable Private Browsing on IE8

March 2017

Private Browsing (InPrivate Browsing) in Internet Explorer 8 lets you surf the Internet incognito, without leaving traces about navigation or search.

Two options are available.

To browse without leaving traces on your computer:

Then start InPrivate browsing, it will open a new window. Throughout the browsing session files, cookies, preferences, passwords, user names are saved. They are permanently deleted once the InPrivate window closed.
  • Three possibilities to open a new page InPrivate:
  • click File
  • Then New Tab
  • Click on Tools /Open a browser window in InPrivate browsing
    • Or
  • click the Safety button, then click on InPrivate Browsing
    • Or
  • press Ctrl+ Shift + P

To delete your browsing history data while keeping data associated to your favorites

  • click the Security button
  • then click the Delete Browsing History
  • Uncheck the Preserve Favorites Website Data.
  • For the items you want to delete, simply check boxes and then click Delete.


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