Creating PDF (s) on Ubuntu

December 2016

For Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

  • (1) Go to the "System" menu> "Administration"> "Printing"
  • (2) Click "New Printer":
  • (3) Choose "Print Into PDF file" and click "Next":
  • (4) Select "Generic" and click "Next":
  • (5) Select "PDF Generator" and "Generic PDF file generator (recommended)" and click "Next":
  • (6) Simply enter the name for "PDF" and click "Apply":
  • (7) Now you can create PDFs from any software that (for example, Firefox) by selecting CUPS/PDF as the printer.

The PDF files will be automatically created in the subdirectory "PDF" from your home directory.

For Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

  • (1) Install the cups-pdf. Type in a terminal: ssudo aptitude install cups-pdf (2) Go into the "System" menu > "Administration"> "Printing"
  • (3) In the window that appears, go to the menu "Printer"> "Add Printer"
  • (4) A window appears. In "Use a detected printer" you should see "PDF Printer (Virtual Printer). Simply click "Next".
  • (5) In the following window: For "Manufacturer", select "Generic". For the "Model", choose "PostScript". Click "Next".
  • (6) In the next screen, enter the name and description of the printer (eg "PDFPrinter") and click on "Apply".

Your new printer is ready. You can now create PDF from any application by choosing "CUPS/PDFPrinter" as printer. A PDF directory will be created in your home directory and the PDF will be automatically saved in.

Thanks to sebsauvage for this tip

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