How to open .ps file (Postscript)

October 2017

In desktop and electronic publishing, PostScript or PS is used. PS is a programming language and is known as a page description language. This language has a file extension of .ps.Opening a .ps file is quite easy. To open a .ps file, use PDF creator which can convert the file into PDF format. Alternatively, there are interpreters like Ghotscript Viewer. This is a free software that enables PostScript files to be opened.

How to open a .ps file

PostScript (PS) is a page programming language used for desktop publishing. Below are instructions for opening a .ps file.

Using PDF Creator

  • Download and install PDF Creator
  • During the installation of the freeware, check the box Associate .PS to PDF Converter
  • Double click on the .ps file to convert it to PDF
  • Open the PDF using Acrobat Reader

Using Ghostview

Download and install Ghostview
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