Freeze - Battlefield Bad Company 2

October 2017


You are facing punkbuster freeze on battlefield bad company 2.


Lowering the sampling rate

Under Windows Vista or 7

  • Start menu, then Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, and click on the speaker icon.
  • Right click on your audio equipment and property.
  • For to the Statistics tab and choose Advanced 16-bit, 44100 Hz (CD quality)

Windows XP

  • In the notification area, double click on the realtek icon.
  • Under your device click on the default format tab and choose 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD quality)

Update the drivers of your sound card

To update your realtek sound card, click here

Update punkbuster

  • Download pbsetup.exe
  • Then run pbsetup.exe
  • Accept the License and user agreements
  • And click on check for updates.

Terminating the audio manager

  • Start the task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL)
  • Terminate RAVCpl64.exe or RAVCpl.exe according to the version of Windows installed.

If the problem is solved then follow the manipulation below for some automation.

Start /Run/msconfig.exe e
Deselect Realtek Audio HD Manager

Manually reinstall Punkbuster

  • Control Panel/Programs and Features/ Add or Remove Programs uninstall the game using PunkBuster, then manually delete the installation directories if Windows did not.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Install a fresh copy of game by selecting custom installation if possible and do not install Punkbuster.
  • Make the updates of the game
  • Create a folder named Punkbuster : in Program Files (XP) or Programs (Vista/Seven) or Programs (x86) (Seven 64-bit).
  • Download
  • Unzip in the Punkbuster directory created earlier.
  • Run the PBsetup and run the update if the update fails delete the contents of subfolders and files pb folder in each of the games using punkbuster. Then restart the update with PBsetup.
  • Then download PBSVC.EXE
  • Then head in the management of Windows services that hold the Windows key and R simultanémen then execute the newly opened type services.msc.
  • Right click on PnkbstrA choose Properties/ Connection tab. Select Local System account, and then check the "Allow service to interact with the desktop" box.
  • Right click PnkbstrB choose Properties/ Connection tab. Select Local System account, and then check the "Allow service to interact with the desktop" box.

As a last resort to handle BFBC2 crashes

If despite all these tips, you can not resolve your problem, avoid playing on punkbuster server or disable your sound card.

If this trick works, or if you have any other solution, it would be great if you share it with the other members if ccm.
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