Image Resizer - Reduce the size (bytes) photos

December 2016

If you want to send pictures via e-mail (or sharing on the Internet: blog, album, website ...), you need to optimize them to reduce their size (space occupied on disk)

1. Reduce the size of the image

  • Download Image Resizer software and install it (double-click the downloaded EXE file).
  • Then, to resize a photo:
  • Open the folder that contains the particular file(My Computer, etc..)
  • Right click on the picture
  • Click on "Image Resizer"
  • Select the desired size and click OK.
  • A small picture having the original file name, followed by "(small)", "(medium)" etc.. (Depending on size chosen) is created in the same folder.

2. Compression

Compressing Formats such as JPEG can is"destructive", it reduces the file size at the price of a loss of quality.

3. Alternatives

This tip is a simple solution (which only work on Windows), designed especially for beginners.

However, numerous alternatives exist.
Indeed, the editing software (Photoshop, Gimp ...) or some viewers (XnView. ..) can achieve this task.

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