90 degrees rotation of your videos

December 2016

Here's a little trick to rotate your videos with ease.

Download Software

  • As a first step you must download the necessary software, VirtualDub.
  • By default VirtualDub will be installed in c:\Program Files\VirtualDub.
  • In this folder, you will find the VirtualDubMob file
  • Double-click to launch the program

Rotate Filter Selection

  • Once the video is opened, you apply the "Rotate" filter.
  • To select the filter we will click on the video menu and then on filters (or Ctrl-f for short).
  • If any of filter does appear, click on "Add" to select the filter of your choice . In our case, it will be "Rotate" filter, and click "OK".
  • In the filter window, selecting "rotate" and click "ok", another window will appear, you must define the amplitude of rotation and its direction.

Filter Rotate2

There's another filter named "rotate 2". This is slightly different. Indeed, it allow you to choose the degree of rotation of the video. For instance we can define a rotation angle of 33 degrees as in the picture.

You can play with your videos and thus give them quite funny angles.

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