Excel - A Macro to automatically insert image in a Comment Box

December 2016


How to create a macro to automatically insert a backgroung image for the comment box, under Excel?


Here's an example:
Sub Img_in_Commentbox()  
With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)  
         .AllowMultiSelect = False          'Only one file   
         .InitialFileName = CurDir         'directory to open the window  
         .Filters.Clear                    'Cancel the filter  
         .Filters.Add Description:="Images", Extensions:="*.jpg", Position:=1  
         .Title = "Choose image"  
         If .Show = -1 Then TheFile = .SelectedItems(1) Else TheFile = 0  
    End With  
'No file selected  
If TheFile = 0 Then  
MsgBox ("No image selected")  
Exit Sub  
End If  
    Range("A1").Comment.Visible = True  
[A1].Comment.Shape.Fill.UserPicture TheFile  
End Sub

Add in A1 (re-adapt to your needs) a comment box with the image selected

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