How to install Apache Server on Linux debian

September 2017

How to install Apache Server on Linux debian


I want to know what should i do to install correctly Apache server under Linux debian? Can anybody help me?

  • The installation of Apache server on linux debian using SSH is in the range of anyone. We will use Putty as SSH client.
  • Open Putty and connect you to your Server. You will find yourselves in front of a screen of this style:
  • To take advantage of the last versions available we will update the database containing the addresses of the packages to be downloaded
  • Enter command line "apt-get update" then click Enter
  • The list of the addresses is now up to date. We now will be able to install Apache. Type the command line "apt-get install apache" and press on the Enter key. Installation of apache starts. Then type on the key Y to continue installation and press on the Enter key.
  • Apache is now installed. We will now configure quickly the server.
  • If you n' did not sail in the repertories you should be in the root of the server. Type VI /etc/apache/httpd.conf then press on Enter to edit the configuration file of Apache.


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