Software that are invisible in "Add or remove programs"

October 2017

How to uninstall software that is invisible in "Add or remove programs"


I want to uninstall a software but i can't see it in "Add or remove programs". What should i do?


  • Some programs, such as the spies' software (Spyware), do not appear in the list of the programs installed visible since the Add/remove Programs of the Control panel of Windows. It thus becomes impossible to uninstall them.
  • From Windows explorer, modify the options to make visible the files and folders protected and hidden of the operation system.
  • Edit the file sysoc.inf being in the repertory C:\WINDOWS\inf (stage number 1 is important, this file and folders of Windows being both hidden by default).
  • Locate the line corresponding to the program in question and remove the parameter "HIDE" of this one without touching the commas
  • Save and close the file sysoc.inf, then go Add/remove programs to proceed to the removal of the software.
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