What is X,X Window ,X11, XFree86 and X.org ?

December 2016

  • X,known as X Window is the protocol used for displaying graphics and event management (mouse, keyboard, etc.).. This software is designed to operate through a network (X provides only basic functions and does not display buttons, to decorate their windows or allow manipulation: It is the task of layers on Windows manager(Metacity, KWin, ...), IceWM desktop environment (Gnome, KDE ...) and graphics libraries (GTK, Qt ..)).
  • The most common protocol is version 11, where X11.
  • There are several software that implements the X11 protocol through which the most famous is XFree86.
  • Due to internal conflicts and issues licenses, the project has X.org fork from source XFree86 and now follows its own road.
  • Apart from XFree86 and X.org, there are also other implementation of the X11 protocol, as well as commercial free.
  • Most Linux distribution nowadays use X.org. :-

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