Audio CD - Keep the song titles and other data.

December 2016


I'm trying to burn an Audio CD. Is it possible to keep the song titles and other data (artist ,length...). Instead of having TRACK 1 - TRACK 2 - TRACK 3 etc. ...


Unfortunately it is impossible:
  • The info on a music track: artist name, album name, date, etc.. are contained in the tags of mp3, ogg, wma or any file type that supports tags.
  • When you burn your files, nero converts it all into a readable file for lounge audio player.
  • This format is recognized by Windows as a .Cda file
  • This is not really "a file" is a coding for CD, and you can't insert text in it (not even change the name of the file).
  • So if you want to burn audio CD, you always lose all information.
  • Otherwise, if you burn the mp3, you'll keep all your tags. Is that still your MP3 player compatible.

Thanks to Lark for this tip.

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