How to locate a lost or misplaced cell phone

September 2016

You can't find you mobile phone, you have misplaced it or your phone has been stolen ... This tip can be useful. It will help you locate your phone before making any request to block your SIM card. Note that: These softwares must be installed and configured on the phone.

iPad and iPhone

Android Phones

Symbian Phones

Blackberry Phones

BlackBerry Protect is a tool allowing you to locate BlackBerry phone if you ever lose it and perform remote actions to secure your data (lock the phone, wipe all data..etc). The BlackBerry Protect feature is by default integrated into the operating system of the BlackBerry ® 10 smartphones. For earlier models you can download the application for free:

Windows Phone

This free service is accessible in the My Phone section of You can access this service from a computer connected to the Internet and from there perform several remote actions on your phone:
  • Locate your phone on a map
  • Lock the device
  • Clear the data stored on the phone

Antivirus programs

Some antivirus also allows you to locate a phone, remotely wipe the information stored on the device and lock the phone to prevent the use of a new SIM card ... Examples:
  • Anti theft from F secure
    • This software allows you to lock the phone remotely, delete data, get the phone number of the new SIM card inserted in the phone, and all for free! It runs on Android, Symbian, Windows.
  • In practice:
    • Send the text message: #lock#<your code> to your phone to lock
    • Send the text message: #wipe#<your code> to your phone to wipe your data
    • Send the text message: #locate#<your code> to your phone to locate it on a map.
  • When someone steals your phone and changes the SIM card, the phone locks automatically and the thief's phone number is sent to you. This feature activated by default!
  • Trend Micro Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security
    • A subscription to Trend Micro, allows you to remotely wipe data from your smartphone if it is stolen.
  • Kaspersky mobile security
    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus will block your phone remotely just by sending a predefined SMS to your phone. You also have the possibility to erase your data remotely, to prepare a message to be displayed when locking the phone.

Other softwares

Subscribing to an Insurance policy

It is possible to subscribe to an insurance policy with its operator, distributors, banks. But those insurance are often expensive and does not cover all the risks. Verify that the insurance covers: thefts, pickpocketing, in haste, accidental damage... the type of reimbursement proposed to replace the phone, replacement of accessories, etc.

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