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App Inventor - Create your own application for smartphones

February 2016

Over the last few years Google has made great advances in mobile telephony. This global giant announced recently the launch of an App Inventor which allows users to create their own applications for smartphones. For this the users have to register on the official website for App Inventor . It works on operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, Linux and across all major web browsers such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. With this tool one can actually create an application without a smartphone with the help of an emulator. The entire tutorial for this tool is available on Googlelabs.

Announced in early July 2010 by Google, App Inventor will allow everyone to create their own applications on Smartphone. Here is a brief introduction about the features of this new program.

App Inventor FAQ

How to get App Inventor?

To install the program, you must register on the official website, Inventor App. Permission from Google is required to be able to use it. To download, fill out this: questionnaire. Note that you must have a Gmail account.

What do I need to install?

On your computer, App Inventor works with the following OS and browsers:
  • Operating System:
    • Macintosh: MacOSX 10.5, 10.6
    • Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 8 +, Debian 5 +
  • Web Browser
    • Firefox 3.6 or higher
    • Apple Safari 5.0 or higher
    • Google Chrome 4.0 or higher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher

Java 1.6 must be installed. Click here to download.

Your smartphone must run under Android OS. To use the software, you'll need to connect the USB cable with the computer running the software.

Is it possible to use App Inventor without a Smartphone?

Yes, App Inventor includes an emulator that helps to replace a mobile phone. This creates its own application without having a smartphone.

What are the features

App works Inventor is an WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application that allows you to automatically view on screen the progress made while developing an application. Its operation is simple. You simply have to combine visual components associated with blocks of code to customize the application.

It is possible to assemble simple features like a puzzle: buttons, text boxes, images, sounds, Finder, select the contact or phone number, access to a mini database, barcode scanner etc.

The tutorial is available on the Googlelabs. Click: here.
A short video on YouTube shows how easy it is to create application. Click: here.

Where to share your application?

Several sites exist:

The complete FAQ is available on Googlelabs. Click here.

Android vs iPhone

  • Between Android and the iPhone, what to choose? Comparison of their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Access to the Apple platform is available with only some models: the famous iPhone (3G iPhone, 3G, iPhone 4 etc). Users therefore have access to a limited number of offers/features. Android meanwhile will be much more competitive. The Android platform can be accessed via a range of about sixty handsets, from high-end to low cost smartphone models.

The number of users

  • In April 2010 Apple claimed that there are some 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch users in the world.
  • In contrast, growth of its competitor is impressive. According to Google, every day 160,000 devices worldwide are equipped with Android; the equivalent of five million devices per month!

Most popular for web browsing

  • Undoubtedly, the iPhone remains the king of the mobile Internet. For example in France, the iphone alone accounts for two thirds of Internet traffic.

open/closed system

  • Those wishing to create or purchase applications can choose between two radically different services:

The Appstore provides access to applications (most of them are proprietary software). And to create one, it is mandatory to obtain a license from this website.
  • Android works as an open system. Users can choose from many free apps and the operating system works is an open-source one. In addition, the new software App Inventor will allow anyone to develop their own application.


In June 2010, Apple was the leader on the market through the Appstore which lists some 225,000 applications, with an increase of 15,000 new apps per week on average. That said, Apple should be careful because the margin with Android is getting smaller (30,000 applications in March and 65,000 in June).

Android and iPhone: useful Links


  • The official website of Android:
    • Discover the news, tutorials and videos on all Android products
  • App Inventor
    • Download this open source software at this address. There is additional information available: Introductions, FAQs, tutorials ...


  • The official website of Apple:
    • The reference site for Apple products. Shop online, find all the info on the iPhone (accessibility, technical features, advice and tips, compare models), online support.
  • The Apple developer site:
    • You want to develop an iPhone application? A license is required when you register on this site.
  • AppStore:
    • Download applications on your iPhone via the Appstore.
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