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Real Player SP download not working

February 2016

Real Player SP media player software allows users to download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and other multimedia video sites. However, the Real Player SP download does not work with all versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser. Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.4 does not allow Real Player SP to download videos. The problem of Real Player SP download not working does not exist with the 3.6.3 version of the browser. Therefore the user must uninstall 3.6.4 before installing Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.3. Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded for free from the internet.

Real Player SP download not working


I have installed Real Player SP and have enabled the software to show the download tab when the video comes on the screen (i.e. YouTube), but when I start the video nothing appears. If I right click on the video and try to use the download video tab there, it tells me that the file is not valid to download and to get Real Player SP which I already have.


You will have to go back to FF 3.6.3 and it will work again. Find a site where you can download 3.6.3 Firefox from, save it somewhere and then uninstall 3.6.4. All your bookmarks and add-ons are still there and will be picked up by 3.6.3. I have just done it and all is working well.


Solved by Kev
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